Other Products

Where a sophisticated, permanently installed cradle system may not be appropriate we can install monorail, davit and roof anchor systems for use with a demountable cradle or by abseilers.

Power to Access Anywhere

Our systems help you to go where you didn’t think it was possible…. no – not the moon – but if you need your building maintained… then we have you covered!

How we can help

Power Access Systems has been an installer of cable based fall-arrest systems since 1988.

We also install bespoke walkways, fixed ladders and other means of improving access for maintenance.

Systems comprise horizontal and vertical ‘Mansafe’ safety wires as well as fixed ‘Pushlock’ safety harness anchors, ‘Hadrian’¬†safety rails, window cleaner’s eyebolts and deadweight anchors.

Illustrated here is a small selection from our range of completed installations.

We can provide many different bespoke installations to suit your building. Please contact us for more information and prices